A fun Saturday

02/18/2012 16:16

Today was a great day with Luke. We had all day to do what ever we wanted and really didn't have any idea what to do. We decided the guys needed haircuts so we headed to a mall that has a restaurant (with WiFI....a must) on the 6th floor and also has a place to get haircuts. After we ate, the guys went to take care of their hair and I stayed at the restaurant and drank my little tiny cup of coffee. One thing bad about restaurants here....no refills. Not only are there no refills, but the servings are teeny tiny. McDonalds and another place we found have large coffee's though. Still. No refills. Same with the little bottles of soda, which I don't drink but everyone else does.

The bottom floor of the mall has a grocery store. We went there next and shopped for Igor's mom's birthday. Luke had a blast shopping for her. We picked out gifts for Mom and got some things for Luke and headed out. The Center looks so weird with snow. When we are here on our mission trips, we are dripping with sweat when we're walking around the Center and now I'm FREEZING! There is an arcade type set up outside, complete with a few rides. As we were walking to the car, I asked Luke what he wanted to do today. He said, honestly? The complete truth? (In Russian). I said, of course. He said he wanted to ride the bumper cars. Well, I will do just about anything for this kid, so, here I go....20 degrees, riding bumper cars outside. Our hands were freezing cold. He was driving and blowing into his hands at the same time so I threw him one of my gloves, which he actually wore for a minute or two. We played one game and then he decided he was hungry again so we walked to McDonalds. Luke drank some of my drink and didn't like it. As he was setting it down quickly, the whole thing dumped over.  My large coffee ended up on my legs and thankgoodness it had cooled off. He felt so bad, as you can imagine. I was so soaked. I quickly let him know that I don't get mad over spills. With 5 kids, I got over that a long time ago. He couldn't stop appologizing and really wanted me to go home to change. Home was 1/2 hour away so I kept telling him I was fine and didn't want to go home-I wanted to spend time with him. He finally told me, "As a member of this family, I'm ordering you to go home." It was so sweet, but I don't obey anyone very well, and didn't go home. 

Leaving McD's we headed for the car. Luke even carried my backpack for me because he was still feeling terrible. We headed to a place close to his dorm that is full of rides, arcades, games, and checked to see if there was a movie to see. No movie, so we played air hockey (thankfully inside) and then Luke played a few games before we took him home for the night. I got a half hug tonight. :)

Since it was still pretty early, we called our friend who we are sharing Jesus with and invited him for coffee. He is going to meet me for church tomorrow morning but is making it clear, in a very nice way, that he does not like church. My prayer is that he will see that people will love him and that it will be a safe place for him. My prayer is that he will come to Jesus and seek His forgiveness so that he can know all that God has for him. I want him to know the peace and joy and freedom that God offers him. The church can be who God uses to help my friend learn about God's Word and God's love. The church can be who God uses to grow him and support him and lead him in a walk that is closer to Jesus. We cannot walk the Christian life alone. We need people in our lives to hold us accountable and help us back up when we get knocked down. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for our adoption. Please keep my friend in your prayers as well. The spiritual battle is strong. The enemy has a strong hold that will be very hard to break. Nothing is too difficult for our Creator. I'm claiming Ephesians 3:20, as I have several times since beginning the adoption process. My kids keep bringing this verse to my attention. God keeps proving it true over and over again. He is able.