Answered prayer. Another prayer request.

02/06/2012 15:26


Thank you all for praying for us. As much as we would like for this process to move quickly, and as speedy and as hard as we know Alyona is working behind the scenes, this process is not going to go quickly. I thought it would be easier since he was out of the orphanage, but it’s been more difficult. There are problems with who is responsible for what in the “region’s” eyes and problems with proving that it’s ok for the school to give “permission” for all this. Alyona was able to get everything that was required and the city council approved everything. 

Thank you for praying about the judge because God answered that prayer as well. If we get to have our court case in that court in that region, then all is well.

HOWEVER....we now need prayer about something else that they are requiring. I can’t remember exactly how Alyona explained it but the city council approved the packet of papers but the “Region”, I guess, did not. They want some paper saying the school has authority to do this. There is no such paper. Like, they are saying there should be a paper from the  orphanage to the college, giving the college authority to sign him over. The miracle that is needed is that either this paper trail can be created or that someone will decide that “oh, since we know he’s an orphan, obviously because we have papers showing that the parental rights were taken away, then surely the school can be responsible to make this decision to sign these papers.” Or, better yet, God will have some other, even better plan. This is a big problem, as I told Pastor Oleg tonight, but God is bigger.


When we went to get Luke tonight, he wasn’t there and his phone was off. I was already a little emotional from the bad news from earlier so I immediately began to worry and think the worse. We didn’t know where he was or when he would be back. I just kept praying for God to protect him and bring him back but I couldn’t stop worrying about all the possibilities of where he might be. We made a decision to leave and come back to check a little later. As soon as we left, we got a phone call from him saying he was at church. Whew! What a relief! I couldn’t stop thanking God for answering our prayers!

Later in the evening, we went to Pastor Oleg’s house, where Luke was, and met a few couples from the church. We had a great fellowship time and God, once again, reminded us that He is with us. He is in control. He is not forgetting about us. HE’S GOT THIS! He’s taking care of our boy. He’s taking care of us. He’s so full of grace, constantly, gently reminding me how  much He loves us. He’s so patient and doesn’t get frustrated at His silly, slow learning children. Thank you God. You are so good.


Tonight, we filled Mama Luda, Tolik, and Papa in on the details about the paperwork. The tears came again. It’s not that I don’t trust God, I just get overwhelmed with the thought of something going wrong and us not getting to bring our boy home with us. As I’ve said (not on the blog, but out loud) everyday since we’ve started this process, “I’m not leaving here without him”. Mama and Papa assured us that everyone they know who has come here to adopt have run into road blocks and have had difficulties. We know this too, and we knew we would have problems. They were so encouraging, quoted Scripture, let us know they would be praying, reminded us that Alyona is the best (she’s their daughter-in-law), and gave us hugs and lots of support. 

We know God can do anything and we are asking Him to do a miracle with this paperwork mess and region mess. He is bigger than regions and He is bigger than any government or any regulations.

Job 42:1 Then Job replied to the Lord, “I know that you can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted.”

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