Catching up Blog Part II

02/17/2012 05:37


This is the 2nd part of the blog update: just some words about “Luke” that I have also included in previous emails, so if you have received e-mails from me, you are already caught up on the first part. Ice skating is mentioned at the bottom if you want to skim down to the end. Just trying to help a sista (or brother) out here. :)

Luke has a very big heart and really does try to do the right thing. I watch him all the time and he is so polite and so thoughtful of others. It's amazing to me that he is like this. Walking in stores, he moves his basket out of the way of others (no one does this), he opens doors for us, says thank you, is careful around the elderly, and talks very sweetly to people on the street when they ask him directions or talk to him on the sidewalk. Last week there was an old woman walking in the freezing cold. We were walking towards her and could see that one arm was up in a sling and she had a long, heavy coat on. She walked up to Luke and said something to him. I couldn't understand her but I could tell she was talking about her arm in the sling. Luke listened to her and nodded and then buttoned her coat for her. Oh my goodness, that was so precious! She was telling him how she couldn't button her coat because of her arm so he buttoned it for her. We all just stood there and watched and smiled at each other. When he finished, he smiled at her and just kept walking like it was nothing unusual. He's precious (ok, so I said that already).


Yesterday we decided to finally go ice skating. Little did I know we would be ice skating outside! Brrrr! It really wasn’t too bad. Only our toes were freezing. He was adorable! He couldn’t really skate very well; it was only his 3rd time in his whole life to go ice skating. His money kept falling out of his pocket when he fell and when he would try to pick it up, he couldn’t because it would be frozen on to the ice. I would have to hit it with the blade of my skate to move it to him. He thought it would be funny to throw a snow ball at me. He was standing with some friends. Luke was inside the rink and the friends were outside. Hahahaha. He doesn’t know me very well. Of course he lost the snow ball fight and it didn’t help that he couldn’t catch me. We had a lot of fun but didn’t skate very long. I’m sure I’ll be feeling the soreness tomorrow a little more than the stiffness I’m feeling right now. But I have to say, I didn’t fall once! (no, not twice either!). 


I should add, to be fair, that the snow ball fight continued the rest of the night and I definitely lost. He never stopped. He was very much enjoying himself even though he will not wear gloves and his hands had to be freezing. 


Today we will go to the movies. Of course it will be in Russian but it’s an American movie and I’m just going for the popcorn; same reason I go inAmerica.