03/03/2012 15:40

Today was court. Three hours long. I cannot go into any detail at this time but I can tell you that we are all drained and exhausted. We are official!!! Praise God! He is greater than all things! We are so excited and happy. 

Please pray. This is normal procedure, but we are not legally, completely official for 10 working days. WORKING days.... This Thursday, the 8th, is Women's day (which, actually is how we got a Saturday court date) but it's not a working day, so minus out that day if you are counting in your head what the working days are. A lot can happen in that time period and I will ask you to pray a hedge of protection over everything. God knows. 

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your encouragement. You will never know the strength it brings to us.

Seems like the perfect time to listen to "Our God Is Greater"  :)