meeting "Luke's" pastor

11/22/2011 23:48

I have a little story to tell you that I think is pretty incredible. It's one of those God things, ya know? This past weekend Bill and I got to meet "Luke's" pastor, Oleg. I've been looking forward to this weekend for several weeks-ever since Oleg told me he was going to be coming to Houston. Silly me...I actually thought I might be in Ukraine at the same time he was in Houston. But, nope, I'm not in Ukraine yet!

Our 16 year old son, Trent (who is injured right now), had a soccer tournament in Houston the same weekend. Our oldest son, Mike, is the assistant coach of the team, so we were all going to be in Houston any way....coincidence

Friday night, Bill and I met Oleg and his friends Craig and Nancy for dinner. I was so excited I could hardly stand it and I think Oleg felt the same way. We had never met in person but we knew each other as soon as we saw each other at the mall in the Woodlands. We talked for a few hours and we heard wonderful updates about Luke. Oleg made a video of Bill and me saying priviet and 'I love you and miss you and we're working hard on our adoption papers'. He will show the video to Luke. I gave Oleg a Community Bible praise and worship CD (in Russian) and a card and also a present and card for Luke. Oleg gave me a book and a present and card from Luke. Luke said he loves and misses me. :)  : )  : )   He made me a beautiful strawberry pattern cross stitch. Before we left for the night, Oleg asked Craig to pray for us. He knew our adoption was not going as fast as we wanted. The paper work was going so many changes, the home study taking forEVER to get back to us, and a few more documents needed to be notarized. Craig prayed for us and prayed for God's timing. 

Thank you, God for this awesome night of fellowship! And thank you for Oleg, who takes care of the widows and orphans.