School is in session!

08/22/2012 09:15


Well, the kids are all back in school and life is getting super busy again. 

Everyone is spread out all over the place with college, work, 2 high schools, and middle school. The great thing about that is Jesus’ light can shine bright everywhere they go as they serve Him and share His love.  and 

are great blogs to catch up on if you want so see what God did this summer   in the hearts of two of our kids on their mission trips. They don’t write novels when they blog like their mom does. :)


I mentioned in the last blog that I had a few unexpected surgeries recently. Now it’s Bill’s turn. Bill has had a bad ankle all his life and it has been needing surgery for a long time and finally couldn’t put it off any longer. Last Friday the surgeon repaired 3 areas in his foot and ankle and now Bill is recovering at home and doing pretty well. Thankfully, his pain has been very low but he has a hematoma under his incision that is causing him to run a low grade fever and not feel very well. 


Our family is still adjusting to our huge change but we are determined to continue to trust in God to see us through. There is still a great deal of stress and tears. I am constantly encouraged by others that it DOES get better. 

We are amazed at how well Viktor speaks and understands English already. This has helped with our communication so much. (It also helps him argue). I still love seeing things through Viktor’s eyes as he experiences his “firsts”.  He had a blast at the lake on 4th of July. We spent 2 days with friends enjoying boat rides, tubing, swimming, and fireworks. He also had his first beach experience at South Padre Island this summer. Our family had some much needed “Freezer Family Fun Time” in South Texas before everyone had to start back to school (or surgery) again. 


I am posting a link to a blog that I love to read. I haven’t had time to read it this summer but I decided to look for it today. I’m so glad I did. I could hardly read it through my tears. My tears weren’t from crying only. I was also laughing. If you haven’t adopted, you may not be crying and laughing as you read, but I would like you to read it even if you haven’t adopted just so you will know what it’s like. It’s a calling, it’s a blessing, but, man, it’s freaking hard. (Sorry, Kelly). But, it is. So freaking hard. I can’t even explain it, but Jen Hatmaker CAN explain it! She is hilarious and truthful. If you know us and pray for us (or even if you DON’T know us and pray for us) this will give you a good idea of what to pray for because what she describes is exactly what it’s like. And by the way, if you are praying for us, I would just like to say, THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! :)

Stayed tuned for a blog God is giving me to write called “What would Peter do”’s about Peter stepping out of the boat. This is something God puts in my heart/mind a lot-ever since He called me to Ukraine all those years ago, but He’s been teaching me something about that moment in time when they were in the water....I just have to take the time to sit and ponder and get it out of my heart/head and on to the computer.....

 (I’re so full of suspense)