SDA office is open

11/28/2011 21:10

Thanksgiving day was a great day of family and lots of food. The morning was stressful as I received e-mails back and forth from Dima, who was worried about some documents possibly being a problem at the SDA office. A friend of mine told me that our family should be on a reality TV show. I told him, "Well, if we were, they would see me freaking out right now!" Thank goodness my husband is a great cook because he was doing most of the "women's work" while I was freaking out on the computer. My mood got pretty low for a while and I started biting heads off and getting edgy. I decided I better just give it all over to God...after all, He IS able and He IS in control. There is absolutely nothing I can do. 

With Maria and Dima's help, we were able to straightened out a few things over e-mail, and a document was corrected today and will be priority mailed to him tomorrow. Dima will take care of getting the documents where they need to go but he went ahead and turned everything into their office today (at least that was the plan). It was such a miracle for the dossier to get to Ukraine on Thursday morning. What an answer to prayer! We know God will take care of all the details. He has brought us this far.

Finally, I read on a webpage today that the SDA office opened November 25th, and will begin issuing court dates the beginning of December. First they will issue to those who are already there (I'm sure there are many, many dossiers before ours). On December 6th they will begin issuing dates for families with a registration number. There will be no exceptions to adding anyone so I hope this includes us. At this point, I really don't know. Trusting in God! We are praying that we will get a court date very soon! least know something very soon. We appreciate your prayers for us and "Luke" during this time.

I keep reading this know how it goes...God just keeps bringing verses to you in one way or another. Well, This is a verse that God keeps showing me. He showed it to me right after a pastor friend of mine shared with me stories of how he gives clothes or food to directors of orphanages and then finds out that the children do not ever receive them. When he gives the items directly to the children, he gets chastised by the director. Here is the verse, but before we judge the directors of the orphanages, we need to look at what God is telling our own hearts when we read this:


"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is within the power of your hand to do so." Proverbs 3:27

What might we be withholding that God wants us to give or do or say? Don't forget; if you have Jesus, you also have His power. We can do a lot! 

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.