10/03/2011 22:38
I'm super excited that I might get to Skype with our Ukrainian son Friday night (his Saturday morning). That's the plan, anyway. These plans can always change of course, but for now, I'm hoping and praying that we will get to do talk on Friday night. 
It's so cute because he just sits and smiles and I talk to my friend while he translates for me. "Luke" (not real name but we'll call him Luke for now) is more shy on Skype than he is in person and can't really think of anything to say (due to the language barrier). It will be SO GREAT to see him and talk with him though! This is one great things about him being out of the orphanage....we are able to do this more easily. The orphanage where he lived was extremely strict and it would have been almost impossible. Although, we were able to a few times. 
I'll update again after we Skype, of course!