The battle is God's

10/01/2011 22:09


     I thank God for friends who have adopted and love to send encouraging words and wise counsel now that they know I am now going through what they have already gone through. They have been there for me to answer questions, give advice and encouragement, and pray.

     The way God put many of these friends in my life is quite unique. I meet incredible preteen/ teenage orphans in Ukraine on the mission trips.Those of us on the trip literally love them right away; it's a love that can't be explained or understood.The love can only come from God Himself. Just as you love a child as soon as you have that sweet little baby, we love these kids as soon as we see them and hug them and spend time with them. God just pours His love through us and into them. 

     Somehow, someway, even all the way across the world, I seem to find out when one of "my kids" are being adopted. When I hear about their adoption being in process, I follow their parent's blog and keep up with the kids. Many times the parents and I become very good friends and keep in touch through e-mail and/or facebook. A lot of times the kids and I stay in touch through facebook or texting or even a phone call ever so often.  I love this! What a blessing it is that we can continue our friendship.

     I received an encouraging word from one of these friends and I asked permission to share her e-mail on my blog. Such an awesome reminder-one that I probably better print out and glue to the front of my adoption "notebook" (if you will) :)  so that I won't forget the words any too soon. These words can really be a great reminder for anyone who is taking a stand for God or doing anything that God has asked you to do that the enemy is none too happy about:


     I believe that the enemy attacks you when you adopt at every turn  because it is so close to God's heart. Keep remembering that "He that  is in you in GREATER than he that is in the world". Don't get  discouraged, the battle isn't yours. Just keep doing the NEXT right  thing and leave the results to God. I often forgot these words and it  caused me lots of tears and needless worry. You have entered the  battle but it is one I am so thankful God deemed me worthy to fight. Bless you my sister for being willing to fight for one of his. You  will be changed by this process in ways you never imagined. David and  I had been on many many mission trips and thought this would be  similar. NOT! My life has been turned upside down and inside out and  I am so grateful. God is so very very good.